14 things you will agree with if you have more guy friends than girl friends

1. Less/no drama

2. They always give you the most practical advise.


3. They are super-competitive, which drives you to be a better version of yourself.

4. You can be yourself around them without any pretense.


5. They are always truthful even if its criticism

6. You can trust them with almost everything.

7. You do not have to think twice while grabbing that extra slice of pizza, or the entire pizza. david-nuescheler-142376.jpg

8. You get a lot of compliments. Genuine ones.

9. You always have a date at hand if you ever need one,

10. They always have pockets whether its for your keys or your purse.

11. You have your personal hit-man squad at ready.


12. No judgement from them on the color of your hair or your choice of shoes.

13. They don’t demand your time. You can meet them after months and its like nothing changed.

14. And they’re always up for a drink even if its 2 a.m.


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