Job Openings during the coronavirus pandemic – USA

The Coronavirus pandemic has, quite literally, brought the economic world to a standstill. There are lockdowns being implemented everywhere. As a result of this, businesses are finding it harder than ever to sustain the company and the employees without having any income pouring in, in the form of profits.  This pushes entrepreneurs and business owners to resort to the ugliest way out – cost-cutting. Employees are losing out on jobs and thereby any means of income. Especially in trying times like these, losing out on income is the last thing…

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Industries that are hiring during the coronavirus pandemic – USA

Jobs in USA

Several industries all around the world have been forced to come to a halt, due to the rampant spread of Coronavirus. The consequences this global lockdown will have is something we can only estimate for now, but what can be certainly said is that it is going to be disastrous nonetheless.  Various industries have taken a bad hit and are currently resorting to cost-cutting to merely sustain. This has led to a lot of people losing their means of livelihood and in the face of growing expenses that does not…

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Government guidelines on ACs, coolers, and fans with respect to the COVID-19 pandemic


With the lockdown in action, people these days are compelled to stay within the confines of their houses. This has led to a significant increase in the usage of ventilation devices. The government, therefore, has issued guidelines that address the concerns related to Air conditioning and ventilation to control the spread of coronavirus inside one’s house or workspaces and even healthcare facilities.  As per the guidelines which are compiled by the Indian Society of Heating Refrigerating and Air Conditioner Engineers (ISHRAE), a temperature within the 24-30 degree centigrade range is…

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