In a first, Hyderabad Metro serves as a green corridor

Hyderabad Metro serves as a green corridor

For the first time within the country, a metro train served as a green-corridor. On Tuesday, the Hyderabad Metro took a live beating heart from one hospital to another. The distance between the two hospitals was about 21 km. The estimated journey time was about an hour but with the help of Metro, the journey was completed in just 30 minutes. For successful heart transplantation, the heart has to be transplanted into another person’s body within four hours after it’s isolation from the donor’s body. The Hyderabad Metro played a…

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5 Natural Ways To Turn Your Yellow Teeth White, At Home

Teeth Whitening

Who doesn’t want a brighter smile? White and brighter teeth always catch our attention. It is said that “What a million things cannot do; a brighter smile will always do the trick for you”. Who doesn’t want other people to like them whether it may be in real life or social media life? Nowadays, social media has become an important platform to connect with millions of people, and to keep their connections alive, people have to post their pictures. But posting with non-appealing pictures or selfies won’t do the trick for you,…

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