Jio-Google 4G Smartphone Price and Launch Timeline in India Revealed

Jio Google

Many tech enthusiasts were waiting to hear something new about the upcoming Jio-Google 4G smartphone from Reliance Jio and here is everything that will enlighten their mood. This has already been a sensation that the company has partnered with Google for the launching of its latest 4G smartphone. According to the reports, this upcoming Jio-Google 4G smartphone is all set to rule over the tech market as these devices are going to be one of the most affordable offerings in the markets. This technology is way different from the Jio…

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This is why you should not take these ‘COVID-19 drugs’ without prescription


Apart from the high mortality rate, the second wave of COVID-19 has resulted in multiple other problems. Difficulties like lack of ventilator beds, lack of oxygen as well as a shortage of medicines were clearly observed within the country. It was this second wave that detected the most-feared level of destruction. Although a high number of infections are reported almost daily, only a few patients need to be hospitalized. However, there are many cases where the home-quarantined patients self-medicate themselves without the advice of doctors and develop into irreversible complications.…

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