These are the top 10 popular actors on the OTT platform

Radhika Apte

As the theatres are shut due to the pandemic, the OTT platform has emerged as one of the biggest means of entertainment among the audience. In the last few years, web series has revealed a distinct aspect of entertainment to the fans. And expectedly, the OTT platform has gained tremendous popularity due to the pandemic. Now, a lot of high-quality content is being released on the OTT platform than before, which is being appreciated by entertainment enthusiasts. The popularity of OTT has also prospered many artists who were associated with…

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Pride Month: Everything You Need to Know Including History, Significance, and More

Pride Month

June or let’s say that ‘Pride Month’ has just begun and the LGBTQ+ community is excited, delighted, and is ready to showcase their full range of emotions throughout the month. And what wouldn’t they, after all this is the one special thing about ‘Pride Month’, you get to be exactly what you are? But why do we celebrate Pride month or how did we begun with the concept, that’s somewhat a common question for most of us, right? Well! We do know that how much discrimination has been going on…

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