5 tips to keep your body hydrated all day

Water is essential for the body and staying hydrated all day prevents a number of ailments caused by dehydration. With the summer on the way, it is imperative to keep your body well hydrated and fit. Proper hydration has a bunch of health benefits including better skin, improved concentration, better energy levels, controlled body odor to name a few. Here are some quick and easy tips to stay hydrated.

Keep your bottle at hand

A sipper or a bottle at your desk will always remind you to drink water. Carry it while traveling. Make sure to refill it and drink from it time and again. There are a variety of designs available online for the bottle.

Infused water

There is no great science behind making infused water. Just add a few slices of fruits(washed of course) and allow the water to get infused with the electrolytes from the fruit. Keep drinking it instead of plain water. The flavor of the fruit also makes the water more yummy and makes you want to drink more. There are special bottles available for drinking infused water.

Juice and smoothies

Fresh fruit juice are best in terms of hydration and in terms of drinking something sweet. But make sure that you drink it with the fruit crushed. This provides roughage for your body and you are able to maintain good gut health. Smoothies go a long way in bringing in hydration. Fruits, green veggies and milk go a long way in bringing nutrition, hydration and not to forget great flawless skin.

Soups, stews and broth

Each of these are full of nutrition whether you use vegetables or meat. The absorbent flavors with spices make them a delight on rainy and cold days. The added benefit being you can just crotons and make a filling evening supper. An added benefit of replacing a solid meal with soup or stew, is that they keep you feeling full for longer. This reduces the urge to binge, hence keeping a check on your weight.

Keep a record

There are many apps available for free for the android and IOS to keep a track of water intake. Treat yourself when you accomplished your goals. If you love pen and paper, try bullet journaling.

Staying hydrated is simple but you must make a conscious decision to stay so, especially in summer. Especially during workouts and exercising, hydration is a must. Many times, the difference between a good and great workout is proper hydration and consumption of sufficient electrolytes.

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