7 benefits of Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is another super-food that is part of the diet of most health- conscious individuals. Yogurt in general is know to be rich in nutrients and is considered a lovely dessert option instead of ice-creams and other fatty treats. Greek yogurt manufacturers make sure that excess water, lactose, and minerals are drained out of the yogurt and what’s left is a creamy, rich yogurt with less sugar and more carbs. This extra step is a boon to people who have lactose intolerance as Greek yogurt is easier to digest as compared to regular yogurt.

  1. Protein: The additional protein available in the natural form makes Greek yogurt an ideal source of protein. Especially useful for vegetarians and those looking to avoid meat from their diet, greek yogurt helps you keep your body in top shape and even build muscle. You can enjoy it with some fresh fruits or as a smoothie.
  2. Probiotics: The key to keeping your tummy in the best shape and boosting your immune system, these are bacteria that are good for you. Greek yogurt contains enough probiotics to keep your digestion on point and your immune system healthy. Probiotics also help with urogenital health and help prevent fungal infections like yeast etc.
  3. Calcium: We’ve all heard the importance of Calcium for strong bones and teeth. Greek yogurt has around 16% of the average daily calcium requirement of the human body. What makes this crucial is that the human body does not naturally produce calcium, thus including a calcium-rich food item in your diet is a must. Also greek yogurt is better than consuming calcium as supplements or pills. You can also add it to your morning smoothie without worrying about it getting a grainy texture due to any other calcium supplements or powders.
  4. Vitamin B-12: Another important nutrient missing from the diet of vegetarians and those who have a non-meat diet, vitamin B-12 is necessary for your immunity and mental health. Greek yogurt contains about 18-20% of your body’s daily requirement of this vitamin.
  5. Ideal for workouts and weight loss: Greek yogurt is a good source of potassium which is crucial for your body to recover after a workout. The low sugar content also keeps diabetes and weight issues at bay, making this an ideal after-workout snack item. It can give you up to 5% of your daily potassium intake. The presence of potassium helps balance out the sodium in your body. Sodium causes water-retention which makes you bloated and lethargic. As mentioned earlier, the protein content also aides in muscle-building.
  6. Healthy option for topping: You can use greek yogurt as a topping for almost all dishes, especially ones that generally use sour cream. You can even include it in your cheat day plate of nachos, to take away some of the guilt.
  7. Helps you stay full for longer: This is not specific to greek yogurt, even regular yogurt can help you feel full for longer than most other snacks, thereby helping control your calorie intake and avoiding snacking in-between meals.

While shopping for greek yogurt, be wary of the use of thickening agents, such as starches or gelatin which defeat the purpose of it being a healthy snack. The best greek yogurt is plain, unsweetened and low-fat. You can add fresh fruits to sweeten up your serving. You can also check out 27 Delicious Greek Yogurt Recipes You Need To Make from BuzzFeed.
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