7 Health benefits of maintaining a good posture

A study by Nielsen shows that on an average, we spend 4+ hours a day on our mobile phones. How many hours out of that are spent bending the neck in a bad posture? With the amount of time we spend on mobile phones, the pressure on our neck and spine is heightened. Have you kept pillows at work to support our back at some stage? Or hunted online for Memory foam mattresses and pillows? All these are external methods to improve your posture and reduce pressure on your spine.
While a bad posture can be corrected medically,  there are ways to improve it yourself too. The benefits of a good posture are plenty:

No aches

Bad or incorrect posture leads to all sorts of back aches and pains. The neck, the shoulders and the back receive the stress and the pain begins. A good posture leaves no room for these aches.

No pressure on legs

A bad posture leads to more strain on the legs. Your legs begin to hurt and walking and moving about becomes a difficult task. A good posture maintains this balance evenly and distributes the weight of your body evenly too.

Straight spine

A good posture leads to a straight spine. A straight spine is a healthy spine which helps in maintaining the balance and the stability of your entire body.

Improves digestion

The internal organs get their appropriate space within your body and can operate freely.. When you do not have the correct posture, your organs get compressed. Compressed digestive organs makes digestion tough, this leads to bad bowel movements and other illnesses.

Improves breathing

Breathing becomes easier and sounds clear. With a bad posture, the shortened front abdomen muscles do not allow easy breathing. Your lungs have enough space to expand and contract to their full capacity. This also improves stamina as more oxygen is pumped to your muscles. Concentration also sees a boost as your brain receives more oxygen too.

Improves blood circulation

With good digestion and breathing, blood circulation is smooth and quick. A good posture does not interfere with the movement of the blood. This keeps you energized all day and in a cheerful mood.

Improved confidence

A good posture leads to improved confidence and makes you feel brave and ready to take on the world. You also exude confidence and an air of authority. A slumped over posture makes you feel down and out. You can thank us later for crushing that team meeting.

A good posture can go a long way in keeping your spine healthy and preventing aches and pains later on in life. It is important to maintain a decent posture at all times. It will be difficult at first, but with consistent effort, it slowly becomes muscle memory and you will find yourself sitting and standing upright. You can also try these home workouts to increase the strength of your back muscles and help you have a good posture.

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