7 places in the world for solo travelers to visit

If you’ve caught the wanderlust bug, but also love your own company the most, you belong to the growing breed of solo travelers. While there are many niche exotic locations you can travel to, we have put together a list of the top 7 places in the world that you can visit on any budget. If you’re planning a trip in the autumn, be sure to go through our check-list on preventing and dealing with allergies.

  1. France

    Enjoy the best of France from the Eiffel tower to the churches and palaces and fall in love with the macarons and croissants. Bon jour!


  2. UAE

    Though a little stringent with their rules, the UAE has the best to offer in terms of shopping, mosques, safaris, golf and museums. The best of modern and archaic architecture, UAE gives you the best of both worlds.


  3. Iceland

    With its Viking history, there is so much to discover in this country. Volcanoes, hot springs, whale watching, northern lights along with museums, skiing, hiking and camping bring you the best of the natural and man-made world, this is a true delight for solo travelers

  4. Spain

    Spanish food, Tango, the Tomatina festival, bull races, the Spanish architecture and so much more to do in Spain.


  5. Norway

    This Scandinavian country offers so much more. The Aurora Borealis, the mid night sun are some of the natural beauties to be enjoyed. Say hello to the Real Santa Claus who meets his visitors all year around.


  6. Switzerland

    Mountain hiking and skiing are a must along with enjoying the best of chocolates from this place. Museums and castles are a must in this place.


  7. Monaco

    The second smallest nation in the world is the prettiest there is. Their oceanography or naval museums and the palace of the Prince, the old town of Monaco- villa and the opera house are places to behold.


Have you been to any of these places? Which ones do you suggest? Let us know in the comments below. If you’re wondering if solo travelling is for you, read why you should travel alone when you’re young.


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