7 reasons why you’ll love Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses essential oils for curing and preventing a host of diseases. These essential oils are used as blends or on their own by spraying them around the house, on clothes and linen, diffusing them and applying them during a massage. They are also used in homemade cleaning products and while cooking. They are beneficial in a number of ways.

Build Immunity

With certain blends like oregano, cinnamon, peppermint and eucalyptus build up the body’s immunity and thus help ward off common cold, cough. These oils are also known to heal aches and pains and improve well-being

Reduce Stress

Lavender, citrus blends and mint have soothing effects when inhaled and reduce stress levels to a great extent. Ideal when one comes home after work or has completed a cleaning spree at home.

Improved digestion

Citrus blends are known to improve digestion and calm troubled stomach. However, one must consult the doctor in case of serious digestive issues.

Keep insects away

Citronella, peppermint and lemon essential oils are perfect to keep those tiny insects and disturbing mosquitoes at bay. Diffusing them in the house is the way to go.

Natural air-freshener

Move over CFC producing air fresheners. Bring on essential oils. Lemon, lavender, orange, mint are the best ones to bring in spring on those dingy and damp days.

Regulates Sleep

While reducing stress, many oils like chamomile, lavender or ylang- ylang regulate sleep. They can be diffused while one goes to bed or can be sprayed on to pillow covers or better still applied as salve to those aching feet.

Speeds up healing

The essential oils are oils from natural and 100% organic. As a result, they are packed with anti-microbial properties speeding up healing of the body and also skin.

Let’s go back to our roots and use these natural and organic oils from for personal care and treatment. Most massage parlors and spa centers provide aromatherapy as a service. You can ask for your preference of an essential oil or carry your own bottle.

Another form of alternate medicine that has known to have amazing health benefits is reflexology. Read more about it here.

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