7 secrets to wellness at the workplace

It is the place where you spend maximum hours of your day. You grow as a person, earn money and provide services through your work. Wellness here matters the most as the stakes are high. With these secret tips, Mondays will not seem like a nightmare anymore.

Get your Work-space right

The work-space is the first thing that goes into wellness at work. You spend 7 to 9 hours at this place.  Maintaining a good posture, decorating your part of the office or just tidying it up will enhance your overall wellness at work.

Treat your colleagues right

Being at your best with your colleagues adds to your wellness at work. You do not have to be a people-pleaser but you can change the drudgery of daily work. Seasonal gifting, potlucks, crazy- award ceremonies, a simple warm greeting and of course celebration of birthdays come a long way in helping you enjoy your day at work.

Management and the boss

The management is responsible for many things at work. The incentives, work-space design and your career trajectory are all in their hands. You can be in good books with the management by doing your best at work. If you manage people, make sure you praise and reprimand immediately whenever necessary. Do it in a way that you show them that they are a valued part of the organization.

Work pressure

When you accept a job, make sure that you read through all your responsibilities and get them clear with your boss. Find out the deadlines and try to work ahead of time. Go a step ahead and ask what the ideal accomplishment of the targets look like and what one would get in return. After a stressful week, take your time to relax and unwind on the weekends.


Commuting far to work often increases stress levels and drops down productivity levels. If you have to commute for work, make sure that you have your techniques of relaxation with you. You can listen to audio books, read, listen to music or just meditate and calm yourself down. If you travel by public services, use this time to eat or catch some forty winks.


Munch on healthy food and get over mindless munching while working. Be conscious and try healthy snacks especially if you have a desk job. Carry nuts and water. Steer clear out of the junk mode even during stressful days. Food affects your energy levels and that in turn affects your productivity levels.


We all love recognition and appreciation for our efforts. The happiness and sense of accomplishment on achieving something makes all the hours spent at work feel worthwhile. When you receive incentives accept them willingly. It is your reward for your work and progress and it boosts your confidence helps you aim higher.

With these simple techniques you can avoid fatigue and burnout due to work. Do you love your workplace? How do you maintain your wellness at work? Let us know in the comments section below.

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