8 reasons why Dads are simply amazing!

  1. The one thing that brings a smile to our face no matter how corny. The one thing Dads do best. Dad jokes! Duh.

  2. Putting up with and joining us in all our games be it a tea party or saving the world from extra-terrestrials.

  3. For setting the bar high for our boyfriends. And promising to pound any guy who breaks our heart.

  4. For being our Santa Claus on Christmas and all year-round.

  5. Being our first coach for everything from Soccer to life.

  6. Teaching us handy life skills be it changing tires and light bulbs or just getting over a break-up.

  7. Joining us for and teaching us the importance of a good nap.

  8. For all the hard-work and sacrifices day in and out just to give us a comfortable life.

And most importantly for being there! Knowing that no matter what happens, Dad can fix it, makes life much easier.

Don’t your agree Dads are the bomb? Do you have any amazing stories about your Dad? Let us know in the comments below.
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