A Thai Ray-of-Hope for Coronavirus patients!

Cure of Corona in Thailand

Amidst negative news of fatalities by Coronavirus from all corners of the world, a ray of hope has come from Thailand! Thai Doctor Kriengsak Attipornwanich has reported a successful case of cure of the deadly Coronavirus by using a composition of antiviral for Flu and HIV. A 71-year-old Coronavirus infected patient, when administered the new drug, showed positive results. “The patient was detected negative on the Coronavirus after 48 hrs of administering the drug”, claims Dr. Kriengsak. 

What is the cure for Coronavirus? 

Doctor Kriengsak has prepared a special concoction of anti-flu drug Oseltamivir with Lopinavir and Ritonavir, antiviral drugs used for HIV. This drug has shown positive results on a Coronavirus infected patient. Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul visited the recovered patient and spoke about her health and wellbeing. Thailand’s’ Health Ministry is awaiting research results to confirm the findings

How many confirmed cases of Coronavirus are in Thailand? 

After six new cases of Coronavirus registered on 4th February, Thailand has a total of 25 confirmed cases of the flu-like virus. The virus has reached a critical state with the total number of confirmed infected cases of 20,438 all over the globe. A new case of death by Coronavirus has been reported in Hongkong on 4th February. 

A recent case of infection was found in a Thai driver who had picked up a Chinese tourist. Thailand has a significant dependency on Chinese tourists and is careful while scanning the Chinese visitors. Support messages like “Our hearts to Wuhan” in different languages are put at popular places in Thailand, including Bangkok malls.

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