After black fungus, white fungus threat looms over the country

Black Fungus

The fear of black fungus i.e. mucormycosis is intensifying within the country. Amid this threat of black fungus, another infection has raised the concern levels of health authorities. Four fresh cases of white fungus have been found in Bihar’s capital Patna. It is being told that the white fungus is more deadly than the black fungus as this fungus affects the skin, nails, inner part of the mouth, stomach, intestines, kidneys, genitals and even the brain.

Detection of the initial white fungus cases

According to reports, the four patients diagnosed with white fungus had COVID-19-like symptoms. All of these patients underwent rapid-antigen test, rapid-antibody and RT-PCR for COVID-19, but all of them reported negative. Moreover, COVID-related drugs had no effect on their condition. After this, a major investigation was performed in which it was reported that these patients were infected by the white fungus. Dr Singh said that these patients recovered after the administration of anti-fungal medicines.

Difficulty in identifying the white fungus

One of the major difficulties in diagnosing this fungal infection is that the lung infection caused by this white fungus can be misinterpreted with the COVID-19 infection. In such a situation, it becomes very difficult to differentiate between the two infections. Generally, rapid-antigen and RT-PCR tests of such patients are negative. According to the doctors, if COVID-like symptoms are detected in a CT scan, the white fungus can be identified by performing culturing of the mucus.

COVID-19 patients are on the greater risk

It is worth noting that the COVID-19 patients who are on oxygen support are coming in the grip of this white fungus. In this case, the white fungus can easily infect their lungs. According to doctors, the major cause of white fungus is the lack of immunity. Apart from this, this fungus is targeting patients who are suffering from diabetes and other co-morbidities. Cancer patients also need to be careful with this fungal infection.

How to avoid the white fungus?

Doctors inform that the white fungus can be avoided easily if one takes some standard precautions. The equipment attached to patients on oxygen or ventilator, especially tubes, etc. should be bacteria-free. Sterilized water should be used for oxygen-cylinder humidifiers. To protect patients from this fungus, it is necessary to ensure that the sick person on oxygen is bacteria-free.

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