All you need to know about Flax seeds

With all the miracle and super foods we’ve covered in our super-food series, flax seeds add to the richness of this group of foods. Tiny as they are, they are packed with a bunch of nutrients which make them a good addition to your diet. While most people who consume flax seeds eat it raw, you can also add it your homemade bread dough or bake it in cookies. Besides others, the top benefits of flax seeds are listed below.

  • Reduces Insulin levels

    Good news for all those dealing with diabetes. This seed breaks down the starchy carbohydrate and thus prevents your sugar levels from spiking. Perfect for sprinkling on your morning cereal diet or oatmeal. However be careful to not overdo it as

  • Helps fight depression

    It contains the same chemical compounds found in walnuts and fish the which help reduce depression. The omega-3 fatty acids help keep your mind in top shape keeping depression at bay. The omega-3 fats are the healthy variant of fats that help increase grey matter in your brain, which also prevents Alzheimer’s at a later age.

  • Controls cholesterol

    It helps clear the arteries from becoming clogged and thus controls a heart attack. A spoonful of whole or ground flax seeds in your morning smoothie will work wonders for your cholesterol levels and help keep you fit.

  • Protection against cancer

    The omega 3 fatty acids in flax seeds which are also known as the good fats are protective agents against tumor formation or growth.

  • Concoction for constipation

    Soak a spoonful of flax seeds in a glass of water overnight and drink it in the morning. It produces a mucilaginous gel which helps in doing away with constipation. Additionally, the fiber content in flax seeds helps your tummy with digestion, which is a sure-fire way to beat constipation.

While this super food has a bunch of healthy properties, certain properties of flax seeds make it necessary to keep in mind the following during consumption:

  • Stay hydrated: While eating flax seeds it is essential to drink water because these seeds cause binding in a dehydrated person.
  • Don’t heat flax seed oil: Another way to have these seeds is to use the oil. But be careful not to heat it because it is prone to oxidation which makes it rancid.


It is always good to remember that all super foods are not magical in nature. Consistency and healthy choice of food coupled with exercise is the answer to keeping your health problems away. Do you include flax seeds in your diet? Let us know your experiences in the comments below.

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