Another FIR lodged against Arnab Goswami, accused of assaulting a policewoman

Arnab Goswami

A fresh, second FIR was filed against Arnab within 24 hours of his arrest. The FIR is registered under Section 353 in Mumbai. Arnab is supposedly accused of ‘assaulting’ a policewoman. It is being reported that when the Raigad police reached Goswami’s house to arrest him, he assaulted the policeman by scuffling.

On Wednesday, Republic TV editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami was arrested by the Mumbai Police. Arnab is allegedly accused to abet designer Anvay Naik and his mother to commit suicide.

Today at 4 PM, the application for bail of Arnab Goswami was summoned in the High Court of Bombay and the final hearing is scheduled tomorrow. On Wednesday, the Raigad court-ordered 14-day judicial custody of the famed journalist.

Arnab spent the entire night of 4th November at a COVID-19 center set up in a local school. Earlier on that day, around 9 AM, Arnab was arrested by the Mumbai Police from his residence. Arnab claimed that he was beaten and manhandled by the police during the arrest.

Acting on this supposed illegal arrest procedure, the Maharashtra Human Rights Commission has sent a summon notice to the Superintendent of Raigad Police.

In May 2018, Architect & Interior designer Anvay Naik and his mother, Kumud committed suicide in Mumbai. In the suicide note, Anvay mentioned three people, who led himself and his mother to commit suicide. The three names that were accused also contained the name of Republic TV editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami. As per the suicide note, Goswami and the other two accused people had given the project to Anvay Naik as the chief designer but they did not pay him the dues which were near to ₹5.40 crore. This exacerbated Anvay’s financial situation in a major way, after which he was depressed and it ultimately led to Anvay and her mother’s suicide.

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