Answers to all your questions related to Aadhaar

You know that Aadhaar is a very important document. In this, some changes have to be made in the limit. People also have many problems with Aadhaar. If you have any questions related to Aadhaar, then you can also ask Aadhaar directly. The social media platform is a better medium for this. Aadhaar has its presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and other platforms. UIDAI, the organization that manages Aadhaar, has given people the facility to put their words in a direct message here. Your questions will also be answered here. You can also contact on direct toll free number and email.

Aadhaar also has a Facebook account. The Facebook page is named @AadhaarOfficial. You can ask your questions by joining here. Keep in mind, ask your questions in a direct message, not on the timeline. Aadhaar takes full care of your privacy.

You can also ask your questions or problems related to Aadhaar by sending a direct message on the Twitter handle of Aadhaar. The Twitter handle of Aadhaar is @Aadhaar_Care. You can tweet by following Aadhaar here.

Aadhaar is also on Instagram now

If you are an Instagram user, then you can ask your questions in direct message here too. You will also get the answer to your question here. Aadhaar’s Instagram ID is @Aadhaar_Official.

Can call directly in contact center

UIDAI has given a toll free number 1947 for the convenience of the people. You can get any information related to direct call base on this number. You can call from Monday to Saturday from 7 am to 11 pm. You can do it from 8 am to 5 pm on Sundays.

For the convenience of the people, there is also the facility of taking information related to Aadhaar by email. The email id for this is – [email protected] You can contact Aadhaar contact center at this mail address.

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