Are dreams good for you?

Dreams are often considered a reproduction of the experiences of our day.  They are said to reveal a number of things about our lives and how our minds function. They help provide a glimpse into our emotional and mental health.

Health Benefits

Dreams are said to reduce depression and stress. They also provide calm and quiet to the mind and body after a long tiring day. According to research, time spent in dreaming in the sleep helps in healing faster. Dreams more than sleep provide rest. Dreaming is like an overnight therapy.


Dreams are said to solve problems or provide solutions to many a difficult situation. Visualizing that the problem has been solved before going to sleep often leads to a solution in the dream. Therefore it is essential to sleep well before that exam or interview.

Boosts creativity

Creative energy is the best when the mind is at rest. Leaving everything aside and focusing on rest often leads to a surge of creativity. Thinking about the details of a dream project before sleeping can help.

Memory consolidation

Memories are written in stone through dreams according to recent research. What is done during the day is made stronger and more profound in the memories. It helps in recording pictures visually.

Know your repressed desires and wishes

Repressed desires and wished will keep recurring in dreams. The time and interval between each of these are still unknown. It is here that one feels confident about the future and finds the ability to set goals and targets.

In short, dreams are good for your health if it does not affect your daily life. Use our techniques to sleep well and dream on.

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