Are you a Mom that’s struggling to keep fit? Here’s how you can do it.

You are a mom and the world seems topsy-turvy.  You have to nourish, parent and help little human beings grow. In addition, you have to take care of yourself and replenish to fill vitality into the whole family. Here are a few ways that you can do that.

Yourself first

This may sound a little selfish, but it is not. It is the most unselfish act that you will ever do. If you do not put your health and wellbeing before all others, you will not be able to bring in that in your surroundings.

Know your body

Are you a new mom? Do you have a child on the way? Do you have any previous health issues? Are there any food cravings that you have when you are low? Are you a picky eater? What are your food preferences? Knowledge of self is important. Only then will you be able to take little steps to keep fit.

Be active

This may include just taking a walk around the block. Even doing the household chores like mopping the floor or the laundry and dishes can be a good form of exercise. Carry your own grocery. Do it with intention and fill it with mindfulness.

Include children

Children are great imitators and exercise with them can be fun. They will learn from you and do it with you. You can also bond with them and make it a date.

Meal plan

Plan your meals on the weekend and go grocery shopping to avoid overspending and last minute rushes. These rushes often lead to lack of ideas which in turn leads to ordering takeaways.

Get your sleep

As crazy as it may sound, sleep is absolutely necessary for you to keep strong throughout the day. Take that afternoon nap if necessary.

Hour of Power

All successful and harmonious people you know will have an hour of power. Use it to meditate, visualize, say positive affirmations, use a gratitude journal, exercise or read something useful. Do all or just a few to fill your day with positivity and energy.

Make time for yourself and see the changes in yourself and your family.

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