Asthma: Signs and solutions to help you breathe easy

Asthma (pronounced as AZ-ma) refers to the long term chronic lung ailment where the airways are clogged with mucus and inflammation. This constricted airway makes it difficult to breathe. The attack is coupled with wheezing (a whistling sound) while breathing and continuous coughing. The worst form of this attack is acute shortness of breath.

The symptoms are as follows:

  • Shortness of breath: They find it difficult to breathe as the airways have been blocked and they will feel this often.
  • Coughing especially at night: While lying down, the mucus seems to irritate the airways. The cough comes in an attempt to clear up the airways.
  • Restlessness during physical activity: Again with the body asking for more oxygen, restlessness during physical activity is observed as there is restlessness.
  • Feeling down: Constant fatigue, shortness of breath leads to feeling down and depressed.

If you have asthma, you can make sure you’re never in a spot of bother by following these quick, easy tips and stay prepared always.

  • Inhaler at all times. Make sure you keep your inhaler with you at all times. In case of an attack, use it the first thing and calm yourself down.
  • Keep away from cities or zones where there is high smoke content in the air.
  • Sit down. Sitting during an attack helps you calm yourself down.
  • If it gets worse, these are the symptoms: incessant coughing, tightness in the stomach and chest, trouble walking, wheezing and pale and sweaty face.
  • It is necessary to get help as soon as possible. You need to follow the emergency instructions in your asthma attack plan.
  • After you have settled down, make sure to take your medications as soon as possible.
  • Keep a watch over the next few days so as to avoid another flare up. Try to stay calm and composed doing your favorite activities. Check out our tips to stay calm and stress-free.

Do you suffer from asthma? Let us know how you deal with it in the comments section below.

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