Avocados: 10 reasons why everyone loves them

It has sealed its place as a part of pop culture, and has given us a reason to love our greens. A rock star in our super-food series, Avocados have a huge amount of benefits and add that required boost to your diet. If you aren’t yet a fan of this food, check out our list below and jump right on the bandwagon.

Delicious, creamy, nutty

Use them in any way. The nutty hint of the fruit and creamy texture makes it a perfect spread after being mashed up. What with guacamole and the rest of the soups, salads and spreads made of avocados, you can use them anywhere.

Good fatty acids

Omega 3 fatty acids and oleic acids are the good fatty acids. For all vegans and vegetarians, avocados are a wonderful source of the essential fats.

More potassium than a banana

If bananas were bursting with potassium, avocados spill over. Huge source of potassium.

Dental care

Those dealing with bad breath, avocados are your solution. They help to remove the intestinal decomposition and freshen your breath.

Clear Vision

Lutein and Zeaxanthin. These are not tongue twisters. These are helpful for you to have a clear vision. Present in avocados, these are known to reduce cataracts and macular degeneration common in the elderly.


Good metabolic system means wonderful digestion and there you have it. Flush out the toxins regularly with avocados. There, you are, a healthy kidney!

Healthy Heart

Lowers blood pressure, cholesterol and voila! You have a healthy heart helping you to pump up blood smoothly all the way with weight in control.

Deals with morning sickness

Vitamin B6 helps controlling the nausea in pregnant women. This is present in avocados. Loaded with other nutrients your baby is sure to be healthy and happy.


With the tri-glycerides and oleic acid avocados, reduces inflammation and is beneficial to root out cancer in your genes. Push cancer out of your genes!

Glowing skin and long luscious hair

Anti-oxidants, a healthy heart, smooth metabolism are sure to bring in glowing skin and great hair.

Every part of your body will be well functioning with this delicious food. Be sure to add it to your diet now.

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