Avoiding face mask while travelling in private vehicles is no longer a punishable offense: BMC

Face Mask in Vehicle

Avoiding face mask inside private vehicles is no longer a punishable offence in Mumbai. The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation i.e. BMC took this major decision on Sunday. The BMC announced that citizens will not be fined for not wearing masks inside private vehicles.

However, not wearing a mask while travelling in public vehicles will remain a punishable offence, the BMC clarified. Failure in compliance with these rules will result in penalty/fine.

These regulations were issued by the Mumbai’s Municipal Commissioner Iqbal Chahal after numerous passengers complained about being fined Rs 200/head by the BMC ‘Clean-Up Marshals’ for not wearing masks inside their private cars.

Several citizens took social media to express their complaints about being fined for not wearing masks inside their vehicles.

After the upswing of COVID-19 cases in the metropolis, the BMC had made masks and face covers mandatory from April 18, 2020. On violation of these guidelines, hefty penalty and/or community service such as street sweeping is being castigated. Although the violation of these ordinances was not entirely prevented even after the strict regulations, in September the BMC reduced the fine for not wearing a mask from Rs 1000 to Rs 200.

The BMC has been imposing fines on around 42 people per day and is collecting around Rs 10,000 as fines per day. As per the information given by the BMC, till December 2020, the municipal body has penalized around 5 lakh people and gathered almost Rs 10 crore from fines for breaching mandatory guidelines in the public premises.

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