Being human in times of COVID-19

Being human in times of COVID-19

The lockdown due to COVID-19 has an adverse impact on daily wagers, poor and destitute. The thriving population below the poverty line, who was largely dependent on their daily wages, has been worse affected. Daily wagers like laborers, taxi drivers, auto drivers, potters, etc are the ones who are impacted. Apart from living with the threat of COVID-19, they are also struggling with survival issues. 

Though their income has come to a standstill, the expenditure such as food, lodging, and medical expenses hasn’t reduced. This is the time when the weaker section of the society needs a helping hand, support extended from people who are well to do. They can be helped by donating clothes, food, necessary protection articles like gloves and masks.

There are organizations and who are actively participating in relief and support works. The Foundation, one such organization, is helping the poor children. Every day the organization provides a one-time meal to poor children. They reach out to the children residing in slums and give them food, once a day.

It is reported that the number of homeless in urban India is about 4 million. In shortage of dwelling space, they live in crumpled and congested areas, with a large number of co-dwellers. Further, about 70 million Indians have no or minimum access to freshwater. In this scenario, it is difficult for them to keep washing their hands and to sanitize on a regular basis. This increases their risk to contract COVID-19.

NGOs in India are doing their part and trying their best to help the needy. This system can continue, only when other sections of the society also come forward to help the NGO, by donating food, old clothes, gloves, and if possible, money.

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