Bengaluru is the “World’s most traffic-congested city”

World's Most Traffic Congested City

As per a survey conducted by TomTom in 2019, Bengaluru is the most traffic-congested city in the world. The 9th edition of the annual TomTom Traffic Index ranks four Indian cities amongst the top ten most congested cities in the world. The survey included 416 cities from 57 countries. 

TomTom, a location intelligence company based out of Amsterdam uses satellite imagery, statistical analysis, and other advanced techniques to survey traffic congestions. 

How much time do Bengalureans waste on the road? 

According to the TomTom survey in 2019, a Bengalurean on average spent about 71 % more time stuck in traffic! On an annual average basis, a driver in Bengaluru driving during peak hours wastes about 243 hours, which is roughly 10 days and 3 hours. 

Which were the most and least congested days in 2019?

The annual TomTom traffic Index revealed that 20th August 2019 was the most congested day in Bengaluru. On this fateful day, the highest average daily congestion was estimated to be 103 percent. Whereas, 6th April 2019 was the least congested day with the highest average daily congestion value of 30 percent. The index indicates that if you travel after 8 p.m. on Fridays then you can save about 5 hours per year, for a commute time of 30 mins. 

Which are the other Indian cities in the top ten list of the index? 

The index places Mumbai at 4th position and a congestion level of 65%, followed by Pune at 5th position and congestion level of 59% and New Delhi stands secures 8th position with congestion value of 56%. 

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