Best Holiday gift ideas for your co-workers

December has begun and the holiday and gift giving season is on. Here are some exciting gift ideas for your co-workers. These gift ideas are suitable for all types of co-workers. Take your pick based on their likes and dislikes.


Succulents and their seeds are a big rage these days. These are available online. It is fun to have little, non- messy, easy to grow and colorful succulents on your desk. It also sends an encouraging message- “Grow”. Plants in the work space have been proven to be relaxing and help reduce stress. Looking away from your monitor and at greenery a few times a day has also shown to improve eye health and reduce strain on the eyes.

Candy- filled ornaments

Round plastic bottles filled with Hershey’s or similar chocolates with Christmas colors or the silver and gold paper makes a perfect holiday gift. They can hang it around and eat a candy daily during the holidays. Wonderful gift for those with a sweet tooth.

Desk basketball

This game is great for those with love for sports. With a spring button, the ball should be put into the basket. Fun to play during breaks or even when your’re brainstorming and need a distraction. You can find one on Amazon for as low as $15. Order now!

Personalized Bobble head

Get you co-workers their own Bobble head personalized. These are available with a photograph sent to the company. A head shot. Anyone would enjoy this one. You can get these easily made online on for as low as $65.

More generic ones could include the following:

  • Mason jar magic or Holiday bucket: Fill mason jars or small toy buckets with candy or gift cards or tickets to their favorite pastime or event like paintball, theatre or art exhibition. Fill them with scented candles or a vial or two of essential oils. You can also label these mason jars or buckets with “Keep calm and___________” (any action word pertaining to that person like ‘chatter on or doze on or work on or say what you doin, or say Bazinga. The options are limitless). Mason jars are in vogue for storing pretty stuff or drinking smoothies. The toy buckets make perfect pen stand holders.
  • Stationery fun: Stationary holder, coffee cup holder, fun coffee cups, personalized calendars, cups and pen holders, mouse pads with photographs or favorite quotes are all customizable these days.
  • DIY sharpie fun: Cups with names written or shot glasses or simple drinking water glasses or fun name boards with nicknames in the office are amazing.

What do you think about these gift ideas? Let us know in the comments section below. Do you have any other ideas to add to this list? Go ahead and hit us up on twitter @yourbeatonline and use the hashtag #holidaygiftingwithYBO


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