Big fat Indian weddings to thin down as MHA announces new guidelines.

Big Fat Indian Wedding

Lockdown 3.0 has brought in a wave of relief for those couples who could not wait for their wedlock. Couples waited in anticipation for this moment all their lives and the pandemic has incurred quite some losses to these families. However,
the good news now is that the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has announced new
According to these revised guidelines, weddings can take place with a maximum
occupancy of 50 attendees.
This positive news on behalf of the government has brought in a wave of relief.
While there are many who are still worried about thinning their guest lists, there
are others who are happy that at least now they have a chance to tie the knot.
Quite opposite to the Indian customary big fat weddings, thinning guest lists hold
the possibility of a new trend of weddings across the country. A popular wedding
filmer, Vishal Punjabi says “fewer attendees will have more of a personalized
elements and better quality time with guests who matter to you,” as reported by
Hindustan Times.
In the light of the lockdown, wedding preparations had taken a hit for the worse.
Considering how expensive weddings get, people ended up losing a lot of money. It has definitely not been a pleasant experience for many involved. However, these
relaxations on the lockdown have brought back hope into the eyes of those wishing
to be newlyweds.
With the 50 member limit, you are possibly looking at 24 other couples excluding you and your spouse. Is this is a good move by the government? Or is it the old,
“something is better than nothing” idea.

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