Brazil’s coronavirus count goes past the 70k mark.


While the global toll of people affected by the virus keeps on reaching new heights every day, there are certain countries that are hit worse than the others. In a list of countries worst affected by Covid-19, Brazil stands to be the country with the second-highest death toll, and is surpassed only by the United States of America. 

In the last 24 hours, the country saw 630 new cases added to the total coronavirus related deaths, bringing Brazil’s total Coronavirus death count over 72,000. 

The total number of cases in Brazil stands at a staggering 1,864,681. On Saturday, Brazil reported more than 39,000 new coronavirus cases and over 1000 coronavirus related deaths. 

According to a study conducted by Johns Hopkins University, Brazil has the second-highest coronavirus death toll and is bested by only United States of America, which has, so far, registered over 1,35,000 Coronavirus fatalities. 

What is deemed to be the cause?

It is known to be a recurrent pattern that countries that have taken longer to respond to the crisis have had it worse. The reason for this delayed response could be intentional or otherwise; but the delay does hamper a nation’s chances against the disease. 

Better healthcare facilities and timely response are keys to tackling this virus and we have seen countries like Taiwan and New Zealand excelling at this approach as they have managed to declare themselves Corona-free. 

In the larger scheme of things, both USA and Brazil need to look at how healthcare is being executed and make amends before it gets too late.

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