Burn that fat away – Foods that help you lose weight.

Foods that help you burn fat and promote weight loss are in demand these days. These foods are natural, real and unprocessed foods. Along with exercise, if you consume these foods, you will be able to burn to a great extent.

  1. Citrus based fruit:
    Citrus based fruits go a long way in burning fat. These citrus fruits are best early in the morning. Even better in pre and post workout sessions. Oranges, lemons and limes, and of course citrus fruit is wonderful for your hair, skin and to burn fat as they fight inflammation.
  2. Legumes and beans:
    They reduce fiber, protein and help building lean muscles and defying the bloat.
  3. Nuts with skins intact:
    Go nuts with nuts and their skins on. Keep a healthy heart with nuts. Full of anti-oxidants they help in burning fat especially the belly fat.
  4. Instant oatmeal:
    Oatmeal which is unsweetened helps to burn fat. Use natural sweeteners like fruits to make them sweet, full of flavor and added nutrients.
  5. Potatoes:
    Baked potatoes are the way to go. They counterbalance the bloating caused by sodium and full of nutrients. If you French fry them however, you are in for some trouble.
  6. Greens:
    Your greens go a long way in giving you potassium and do away with bloating caused sodium.
  7. Fermented food:
    Miso, tempeh and saukernaut clear the gut, fill you with anti- oxidants and helps you enjoy some flavor in your food.

The key pointer again is to eat these in proportion rather than binge eating these foods.


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