05 Hidden Side Effects Of Having Tea, How Many Of Them You Know Already


Tea is one of the most widely distributed and widely consumed beverages, not just in India but worldwide. It is also the cheapest. Thus, it is affordable for everyone, from the poorest to the richest. Whenever we feel lethargic, our first instinct is to consume tea. For a good reason, it has an unmistakable aroma. It is packed with a bunch of benefits to our body like :•reduced inflammation,•decreased risk of heart disease,•chronic illness,•lowered blood sugar, and much more. Although it can be good, some side effects to tea that…

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Eating Whole Grains Three Times A Day May Lower Heart Disease Risk

Whole Grain

There is a lot that we humans have to do in order to stay fit and healthy. And when it comes to protecting ourselves against heart diseases then we will do anything whatever it takes. We also know that nothing can be better than eating whole grains if we want the heart to live longer. Whole grains refer to grains like wheat, oatmeal, brown rice, and millet that haven’t been refined to remove the bran and other materials. Data from Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) tells that about one…

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How To Improve Eyesight Naturally? What to Eat and Which Exercise to Perform?


Whenever we take action upon something, the beginning of that action always begins from our eyes because first, we see things then collect our thoughts in our mind and then take the necessary action. Our eyes see so many things in the surrounding, still, we do not care much about them. There were times when old-aged people were facing issues like weakening of eyesight or worsening of eye health. But now, even children and young adults are also facing eye-related issues. At the time of the pandemic, people were compelled…

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ICMR Director-General discusses vaccination status and strategy in India, read the details here


As per scientific research data, antibodies formed after contracting the COVID-19 causing coronavirus to prevail against the virus for six to twelve months. But, how long do the vaccine-generated antibodies remain in the body? As of now, there isn’t any accurate scientific evidence for the time frame of sustainability of vaccine-generated antibodies. Predictably, the evidence may take some time to show up in certified journals because only six to seven months have passed since the start of vaccination all over the world. ICMR Director-General Dr. Balram Bhargava said that investigation…

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Difference Between Headaches and Migraines, When Should You Be Worried?

Mental Health

You have your headaches and your neck starts aching, what could be the reason? Well! Youu google it out and now there’s everything on the list starting from neck dislocation, brain tumor to migraines, and cancer. But wait! There’s a simple difference between things and you should carry good enough knowledge to make a calculated choices when going for medication. So, let’s dive deep and look at the difference that helps you to conclude weather or not, you should be worried. What’s The Difference Between Types Of Headaches? There are…

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How To Efficiently Reduce Your Screen Time By Avoiding the Avoidable


Screen time is not just the number of hours you spend on a digital screen but it is the time you have wrecked your eyes and stuffed your mind with a lot of information unless it your work or helpful information. The gradually increased screen time is causing a lot of problems for your everyday activities. We can bet that you’re one of those, right? Well! If you’re someone who has been a victim of anxiety, stress, and things like sleep disorders due to higher screen times then you’ve landed at…

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As the Delta Plus variant continues to spread, the threat of third-wave; looms large over Maharashtra

delta plus

The pandemic’s third wave looms large over the state of Maharashtra amidst concerns regarding the Delta Plus variant (AY.1) of the coronavirus in the country. Maharashtra is witnessing an increase in the daily cases of COVID-19 once again. On Thursday, 9844 new cases of COVID-19 were reported in the state. Apart from these cases, infections of the Delta Plus variant are also increasing continuously in the state. The Health Department issued a statement notifying that the total number of infected people in the state has gone up to 60,07,431. The…

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Pros and Cons of Vegan Diet for Children, Detailed New Study

Vegan Children

New scientific research offers insights into the growth, cardiovascular, and nutritional differences between vegan, vegetarian, and meat-eating children. The research merely focuses on the dietary influences on five to 10-year-old children and the research delivered a surprising result and found out that vegans have healthier cardiovascular profiles but they lack proper height, that is, shorter in height and display bone mineral deficiencies. University College London, Jonathan Wells, a renowned researcher says there is barely sufficient or adequate and incomplete data on the health effects of plant-based diets on children. Wells…

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Wake Up Early From Your Sleep By An Hour Early, It Can Be Magical Cure To this Serious Ailment


Does your sleep pattern also determine how much you will be at risk of depression? Well! As a matter of fact, you can say that yes! It is one of the determinants for the same. No! We are not just saying it out of blue but we have proof backed by the results from studies from reputed institutions. It is also suggested that to maintain a good psychological clock, you need to have ample amount of dark in the night and get a good amount of daylight during the up…

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Sonakshi Sinha turns 34: The actress who once weighed 95 kgs is an inspiration to everyone

sonakshi sinha

Bollywood’s Rajjo i.e. Sonakshi Sinha is known for her elegant and glamourous personality. Besides these qualities, she has an amazing mix of beauty and talent which is quite rare nowadays. She started her career by starring alongside Salman Khan in 2010’s Dabangg. Being a graduate in fashion designing, Sonakshi wanted to become a fashion designer, but destiny had some other plans for the actress. Sonakshi Sinha, who entered the industry with a traditional looking role, has now enlisted herself in the list of Bollywood’s most glamorous actresses. Unknown to many,…

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