World’s Biggest Covid-19 vaccine study starts as the US begins trials that include 30,000 people.


While the pandemic has slowed down the pace of the world dramatically, the world now steps up to implement major retaliatory efforts. In order to beat the pandemic, scientists from all around the world are trying their best to come up with a vaccine that protects people from the virus.  The world’s biggest Covid-19 vaccine got underway on Monday as 30,000 planned volunteers stepped up to these trials to shots which are created by the US government. The US happens to be one of the many countries in the race…

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Google Meet Allows Video Chat with 100 people for Free


Google Meet Video Conferencing is free for anyone who wishes to use it through G Suite. Anyone having a Google account will be able to create new and free meetings up to 100 people simultaneously or at once. This platform was initially launched as a premium platform but seeing the demand amidst coronavirus outbreak, it is offering free versions now. Google Duo and Hangouts were already accessible for casual video chatting. Now, Google Meet permits up to 100 members on a video call at once. It highlights features such as…

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Vijay as Professor, Shah Rukh Khan as Berlin: ‘Money Heist’ Director Alex Rodrigo Picks His Cast for Indian Version

money heist

During an interview, ‘Money Heist’ director Alex Rodrigo picked his cast from a lot of Indian actors. And we have to say, he makes interesting choices. Money Heist has become one of the most loved and followed shows on Netflix right now, to the extent that many fans are trying to cast actors from their native countries in separate versions of the show. Indians too have not been behind in the trend, with many online polls also running as to which star will be cast as what character from Money…

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Job Openings during the coronavirus pandemic – USA

The Coronavirus pandemic has, quite literally, brought the economic world to a standstill. There are lockdowns being implemented everywhere. As a result of this, businesses are finding it harder than ever to sustain the company and the employees without having any income pouring in, in the form of profits.  This pushes entrepreneurs and business owners to resort to the ugliest way out – cost-cutting. Employees are losing out on jobs and thereby any means of income. Especially in trying times like these, losing out on income is the last thing…

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Industries that are hiring during the coronavirus pandemic – USA

Jobs in USA

Several industries all around the world have been forced to come to a halt, due to the rampant spread of Coronavirus. The consequences this global lockdown will have is something we can only estimate for now, but what can be certainly said is that it is going to be disastrous nonetheless.  Various industries have taken a bad hit and are currently resorting to cost-cutting to merely sustain. This has led to a lot of people losing their means of livelihood and in the face of growing expenses that does not…

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Large hole in the Ozone layer above the Arctic

Ozone layer

Ozone layer depletion over the Antarctica and Arctic zones is a frequent phenomenon, which occurs every year.  Usually, the size of the “hole” in the Ozone layer above Antarctica is larger than that above the Arctic zones. The dimensions of the hole in the ozone layer above Antarctica is in the range of 25 million square kilometers, and it is less than 1 million square kilometers for the ozone layer above the Arctic zone. The reason for the depletion of the Ozone layer above the Arctic and Antarctic zones is…

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COVID-19 is not a laboratory construct, research confirms!

Google India employee diagnosed with COVID-19

COVID-19 is not a laboratory construct, research confirms!   A conspiracy theory was doing rounds in streets of conspiracies that COVID-19 could be a laboratory construct, harbored and spread with a purpose. The analysis of evidence and research proves it otherwise and confirms that it is indeed a natural phenomenon. A team of researchers at Tulane University School of Medicine has conducted a careful analysis based on evidence and told ABC News that COVID-19 is a natural occurrence. The finding has been supported by Dr. Francis Collins, the director of the…

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Airtel supports home learning by offering free internet

Airtel Plan

So far 1000 infected cases have been reported in Africa, out of which seven have come from Kenya. The deadly virus has taken up two lives on the continent. All colleges, schools and educational institutions have been shut down in wake of COVID-19 threat. In such a situation, students depend on the internet for solutions to their problems or for general study guidance. Managing director of Airtel Kenya, Mr. Prasanta Das has helped the students by offering free internet. Airtel Kenya has offered a free internet scheme for supporting students…

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The US bans travel from Europe for the next 30 days

Travel Ban from Europe to USA

Amidst the pandemic COVID-19, Donald Trump has declared a ban on travel from Europe to the US. The UK has been kept out of this blanket ban. The ban will include both men as well as trade movements from European countries. Trump feels that the European countries failed to control the spread of the deadly virus because they couldn’t control or ban travel from China at the right time. COVID-19 has so far spread across 100 countries, infected 1.24 lakh people and has killed 4,500 people globally.  Donald Trump said…

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National emergency in the USA

National Emergency in USA

The US is in state of national emergency now! The total number of COVID-19 infected individuals in the US has risen to 1300 and the death toll has reached 33, as per reports by Federal officials. Dismayed over the lack of test kits and testing facilities, US President Donald Trump has increased pressure on US public health authorities. Also, the president has declared a fund of $50 billion for countering the deadly virus. Most of the funds will be invested in developing test kits and equipping the hospitals for treating…

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