Centre to propose legislation in order to tackle Delhi’s rising air pollution

Delhi Air Pollution

To handle the annual problem of Delhi’s air pollution, the Central Government may soon form a permanent body that will manage, assess, and tackle the capital’s degrading air quality. Forwarding notification to the Supreme Court, the legislation will be soon passed by the government.

As a result, The Supreme Court has suspended it’s the order of 16th October that formed a one-man committee of retired Justice Madan Lokur. The apex court will decide further alterations according to the submission of the Central Government and then will layout the aim, work for the concerned committee. To assess the measures that are being taken by the neighboring states like Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, and NCR to avoid stubble burning, the Supreme Court had appointed this committee.

On behalf of the Centre, Solicitor General Tushar Mehta presented to the Super Court that the center has assessed the whole air pollution issue due to stubble burning and has undertaken various decisions to tackle the problem efficiently.

Tushar Mehta requested to put a stay on the decision taken by the Supreme Court on 16th October as the Centre is planning to propose legislation regarding this matter within the next few weeks. Subsequently, he added that a draft of the proposed legislation will be presented to the Court in 4 days of time.

Against the plea of Tushar Mehta, Petitioner’s representative, Senior Advocate Vikas Singh said that the legislation will take a long time and the issue of air pollution requires immediate enactment.

Responding to Vikas Singh, Tushar Mehta said that this government acts fast and steps will be taken on a war footing.

Chief Justice S. A. Bobde welcomed this step of Central Government and said this step should have been raised earlier.

Delhi’s air quality is getting worse day-by-day as the neighboring state’s farmers carry out stubble burning ahead of the year’s winter sowing season. Between the period of 21 September and 12 October, 2,873 stubble burning instances were reported, which indicates an increase from the last year’s count of 2118.

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