Corona infection symptom checker by Reliance Jio

Google India employee diagnosed with COVID-19

India’s largest telecom giant Reliance Jio via its twitter handle has informed that it is floating a Corona infection symptom checker tool. Amidst the COVID-19 crisis, which has kept 1.36 billion Indians locked down inside their homes, the telecom operator has decided to help in the panic situation. The general public is so traumatized that even a simple symptom of cold and flu is enough to cause panic and anxiety. The symptom checker tool is a part of the hashtag campaign #CoronaHaregaIndiaJeetega started by Reliance Jio to confront and defeat the deadly virus. 

The symptom checker rolled out by Reliance Jio is a set of questionnaires, which need to be answered. On successful completion of the questionnaire, the AI-based algorithm of Reliance Jio matches the answers with established positive cases and gives a result. The company claims that the AI Algorithm has been trained by a robust data set collected from all over the country. The questions include the age, gender, travel history, and people with whom one has come in contact with and their history, etc. 

Mr. Kiran Thomas, a board member of Reliance Jio has informed CNBC that the symptom checker tool is also preparing a map, which shows the real-time spread of the virus. Further, Mr. Thomas said that MyJio is allowing the quicker rollout of the symptom checker tool to a wider subscription base of the company. This faster rollout of the toll is helping policymakers and health professionals to channelize the help and rescue resources more efficiently.

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