Corona virus: America begins withdrawing investment from China, decides to cancel billions of dollars of pension funds


The US has withdrawn its pension fund (US PENSION FUND) from China. This pension fund is said to be worth billions of dollars. This has been confirmed by President Donald Trump himself

  • US has decided to withdraw billions of dollars of pension funds from China
  • President Donald Trump has confirmed this with China invading Corona virus
  • US-China relations going through bad phase amid Corona virus crisis
  • So far, more than 80 thousand lives have been lost due to Corona virus in America.

The way Washington attacked China with the Corona virus raised fears that Washington might start withdrawing its investment from Beijing. This apprehension was not unfounded as now President Donald Trump has started it. He has confirmed that his administration has decided to withdraw billions of dollars of US pension fund investment from China. The US and China diplomatic relations are going through a very bad tour in the Corona crisis. Along with Corona, there is a tension between the two in the South China Sea. At the same time, if you talk about Corona, till now it has taken more than 80 thousand lives in America.

… and it is worth
mentioning that such billions of dollars are returned , that the US has also accused China of stealing intellectual property and research work. When asked about the investment return from China, Trump said in a conversation with Fox Business Thursday, “Billions of dollars, billions, yes, I have withdrawn.” At the same time, when President Trump was asked whether he would put pressure on Chinese companies to fulfill the condition of being listed on the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq? He said, ‘We are looking very seriously. It is very surprising but there are problems with it. What are they going to do? They will list their companies in London or elsewhere, you see. ‘

Trump added, ‘You know everyone wants to be a tough person. I am a very strict person but what happens no, they say that okay we will go to London or Hong Kong. ‘ Trump said this in relation to Chinese companies being listed on the US stock market.

China to crackdown on US lawmakers.
Meanwhile, China is considering action against US lawmakers who have proposed a ban against Beijing on the issue of dealing with the corona virus in the Senate. Congress’s Jim Banks said, “The Chinese government is drawing anger on those who have tried to hold them accountable in the case of misinformation about the corona virus, where it spread and how soon it got out of control.”

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