Coronavirus death toll rises to 80


The deadly Coronavirus originated from Wuhan, the capital city of Hubei, which has spread across Mainland China and also across its border. The number of confirmed deaths by the virus has reached an alarming figure of 80, while the total confirmed cases of Coronavirus across the nation has increased to 2,744. The virus has impacted about a dozen other countries including those in Europe and the USA. This outbreak reminds of the deadly pandemic SARS pathogen, which also originated from China in 2002 and killed hundreds of people. 

How is China coping with the Coronavirus outbreak?

The National health commission of China has said that about half of the 769 verified cases of infection are in Hubei, which is in critical stage. As a containing major, China has sealed off Hubei, which has affected millions of citizens. Strict travel restrictions have been imposed on and from Hubei. As a precautionary major, Shandong province including four cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, and Tianjin have announced a ban on long-distance buses from entering or leaving the cities. The authorities have made it compulsory to wear face masks in public for people living in densely populated provinces of Guangdong, Jiangxi, and three other cities. 

The unfortunate outbreak and travel restrictions are going to mar the spirit of the Lunar New Year holiday. Though the authorities empathizing with citizens have said that the new year holiday may be extended. 

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