Covid-19 impacts internships as institutions decide on canceling them or going virtual, due to the pandemic outbreak


The Job scenario has never been good enough, to begin with. Organizations are always on the lookout for more experienced candidates and the likeliness of hiring someone who’s just graduated and holds no work experience is practically meager. The only hope, in such a case, for beginners was to bag themselves an internship. 

The beauty of an internship is that it counts as an experience, and puts you on the radar for beginners to get off on the right note. With the Covid-19 outbreak, internships stand drastically affected. Youngsters who had just bagged internships for themselves are in a precarious situation worldwide as organizations either intend to make internships virtual or, worst-case-scenario, get canceled. 

50% of all internships in the US have been cut since the Covid-19 outbreak and 64% of internships have faced dead-end in the UK – according to research by Glassdoor, a career website. 

Several multinational companies like Airbnb, FedEx, Gap have scrapped summer programs. 

The scale of unemployment is so massive, that more than one in every six young workers worldwide is without a job during the pandemic, as stated by the International Labour Organization last month. To add to it, the UN Labour agency added that the pandemic will lead to a long term fallout which would consequently result in a “lockdown generation” reflecting their professional careers for the rest of their life. 

How long-lasting the effects of this global crisis will be, is yet to be seen. However, the world holds on to hope for things to get better.

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