COVID-19 invades Iran

Coronavirus Havoc

Iran is in the eye of the storm, amidst mounting US pressure on clerical rulers leading to a weaker economy, and public protests against rising fuel prices and Ukrainian plane crash, now the country has been invaded by COVID-19. Iran recorded the highest deaths by COVID-19 outside China. The total number of COVID-19 suspected cases in Iran has increased to 900, and official figures put the death number to 16. Though the people of Iran have a feeling that the administration is undermining the threat by the deadly virus and are downplaying the affected numbers.  

Qom, the holy Shi’ite city of Iran is the epicenter of the COVID-19 uprising. News claimed that 50 people have died in Qom, which was later denied by the Iranian government. Iran’s Deputy Health Minister and a member of parliament have also been confirmed to be infected by the deadly virus. Mahmoud Sadeghi, the infected parliamentarian confirmed his infection on Twitter and said he has little hope of surviving. 

The Health Ministry spokesperson, Mr. Kianush Jahanpur issued an official statement confirming the total number of infected cases to be 95, and he placed the death numbers at 15, which was later corrected to 16. A semi-official news agency Mehr said that 320 people have been hospitalized across the country. Authorities have advised Iranians to stay put at home and have ordered the cancellation of public events like concerts and soccer matches. Also, schools and colleges in several provinces have been ordered to keep shut until further notice.

Fearing the spread of COVID-19, the bordering countries of Iran have suspended flights to and from Iran and have also closed borders with the country. Dubai airport suspended all flights to and from Iran, and the Khasab port of Oman is suspending goods exchange with Iran.

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