COVID-19 is not a laboratory construct, research confirms!

Google India employee diagnosed with COVID-19

COVID-19 is not a laboratory construct, research confirms! 

 A conspiracy theory was doing rounds in streets of conspiracies that COVID-19 could be a laboratory construct, harbored and spread with a purpose. The analysis of evidence and research proves it otherwise and confirms that it is indeed a natural phenomenon. A team of researchers at Tulane University School of Medicine has conducted a careful analysis based on evidence and told ABC News that COVID-19 is a natural occurrence. The finding has been supported by Dr. Francis Collins, the director of the National Institute of Health. 

Researchers have found that COVID-19 has its origin in nature and is not a human or laboratory construct because it doesn’t have to share any erstwhile used virus backbone. The research indicates that the deadly virus could be a result of a combination of viruses found in Bats and Pangolins, which are also known as scaly anteaters. It is noteworthy that Coronavirus which has created havoc all over the world has 97% similarity with the coronavirus found in bats. The 3% difference could be a possible reason for it being so infectious.

Dr. Robert Garry, a researcher at Tulane University told that viruses can acquire variations and can become pathogenic and infectious, leading to a pandemic state. Further, Dr. Garry indicated that it is likely that a less severe version of the illness was present amongst the population for decades before escalating this severe level. One of the possible reasons of the virus taking the shape of a pandemic is a mutation in surface proteins. Though it is still not clear if the mutation has happened recently or it was there for a longer time!

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