Covid-19 Update: UN nations pledge $8 billion for Medicinal research


Though Social distancing is the norm, unity is still very much in demand, as people need to unify their efforts in beating this pandemic. The Secretary-general of the United Nations Antonio Guterres said that overcoming the pandemic will require collective efforts on a massive public scale making it the greatest public health effort recorded in History. 

He said that we live in an interconnected world where “none of us is safe until all of us are safe.” 

This remark from the UN Secretary-general came as the world leaders on Monday pledged 7.4 billion euros (which sums up to approximately $8.2 billion). This amount would go directly into supporting the research and development faction working on finding medicine to fight the current Covid-19 pandemic. The virus is responsible for the death of over 2.5 lakh people all over the world and is the sole culprit of infecting over 3.6 million people globally. 

World leaders from 40 countries came together to converge their efforts into fighting the pandemic. About 7.4 billion euros were pledged for research and development. 

Some of the countries involved in the efforts against coronavirus are South Africa, Rwanda, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Finland, and Costa Rica. 

Some of the largest economies of the world like the US and China have not joined the ACT accelerator drive. 

In conclusion

With collective efforts being unified towards one cause, it is now to see how soon we reach a conclusion to the long and painful lockdown caused by this pandemic.

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