COVID cases worldwide cross the 3.5 million mark.


Despite the governments all around the world working day in and out towards the
containment of the virus outbreak, coronavirus cases all around the world have
now crossed the 3.5 million mark.
Statistics suggest that 3/4th of the cases worldwide are in Europe and the United
States. Worldwide reports suggest that there are at least 3,500,517 infection cases and 246,893 deaths have been recorded so far. Among the continents,
Europe seems to be the worst hit continent with over 1.5 million cases and over
143,000 deaths.
Nations all around the world, in a desperate attempt to flatten the curve, have incorporated lockdowns. Essential services are functional and medical services are
employed on a 24×7 basis until there happens to be any sign on the reduction of cases.
However, the viral outbreak tends to get the best of all our attempts as the
the number of cases keeps rising.
Countries all around the world are keeping their political differences aside and are collectively trying to tackle the problem at hand. But at the moment, efforts seem
to be in vain.
The United States has registered over 1.1 million cases and 67,000 deaths so far.
For a country with one of the best medical facilities in the world, these numbers stand to be worrisome.

The veracity of the numbers
The numbers projected as yet considered to be only a fraction of what the real
picture stands to be as in the dearth of testing kits, only the most serious cases are
being tested at the moment.

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