Does your child have ADHD?

ADHD is a four letter acronym that parents dread. Getting to know it will make it simpler and easier. Let us begin knowing it well.

The acronym

ADHD stands for ‘Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.’ But oh! We have so many restless and naughty children all over these days. Is my child one of those? This brings us to the next point.

Avoid labeling

As teachers and parents, we often start to label students and children when they do not confirm to the norms that we grew up with. Therefore it is essential to get the child tested for these disorders before labeling the child.

Recognize the symptoms of ADHD

  • Hyperactivity

Some children with ADHD are hyperactive, others are not. They just suffer from deficit of attention. They fidget with things, cannot wait for something patiently and move around a lot.

  • Attention deficit

These children have perfect and deep attention for activities they love. The trick lies in getting them do activities that are essential but not necessarily fun like tying shoe laces, brushing teeth or the bigger ones like studying.

  • Impulsiveness

They are impulsive only if they are close to things they like and want to do something with it. If the activity does not appeal to them, they are indifferent about it. But they do blurt out answers without thinking.

  • Excessive behavior

Talks, squirms, fidgets, moves around excessively. Intrudes and interrupts games and conversations whether they are a part of it or not.

Diagnosis and treatment

This includes knowing how long this behavior has been there, has any grave or traumatic incident occurred prior to this behavior, when and where and around which person does this behavior occur and many such questions have to be answered by parents and teachers. Certain other things like learning disorders have to be ruled out. It requires follow up and medication. It does not go away with age. But the symptoms become fewer with medication and therapy.
Let us know your stories in the comments below. Your experiences may help someone out there who’s going through the same challenges. Do check out our tips to help you keep calm and sail through the stress.

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