Donald Trump gives a mixed-signal before his visit to India

Donald Trump visit to India

US President Donald Trump made an ambiguous statement before his maiden visit to India on the coming Monday. He has been reported to say that he is fond of Prime Minister Modi but is not happy with India’s treatment of the US. He also suggested that there can be a trade deal between the two countries, but the speculations of mega-deals may be hyperbole for the moment. The US president made these remarks at an airbase outside Washington DC, before heading for a three day visit to attend domestic events. 

Big-ticket defense deals were speculated during the US President’s visit to India. It was also expected that the two countries may enhance their defense cooperation and other trade relations. There was also some news about technology transfer, such as anti-submarine warfare technology and IADWS between the two countries. 

Even Indian authorities are known to have lesser expectations from Trump’s visit. It is understood that the two countries have been negotiating on several controversial or difficult issues for months. One such issue is India’s protected dairy and farm sector, which the US has been insisting to be opened. It was perhaps this issue only for which Trump had called India “Tariff King”! Given the present circumstances, it is understood that the large size defense deal may be a remote possibility, not at least during the present visit of the US President. 

Donald Trump with the First Lady is scheduled to directly reach Ahmedabad on the coming Monday for inaugurating the under-construction Motera stadium. It is worthwhile to know that the stadium is supposed to be the largest in the world. To extend a warm welcome to the first couple of Us, there will be about 7 million visitors between Ahmedabad Airport and Motera Stadium. Trump shall fly to Agra on the same day for a photo op at the Taj Mahal, after which he will go to New Delhi for business conferences and other meetings.

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