Driving License Updates: The process of making a driving license will begin in a week, know how to apply, how many are stuck

Driving License

Driving License Updates: In view of Corona infection, a large number of applications have been pending in Jharkhand, including Ranchi, due to lack of learning and permanent driving license for more than six months. More than 2,000 DL and more than 6,000 learning licenses are pending in Ranchi itself. License work will start from October 16, then suddenly the crowd will increase. In such a situation, it will be challenging for the District Transport Office to follow the social distancing.

For how to control the crowd, NIC and transport officials are constantly doing the work. The number of counters for learning licenses will be increased to four. Two counters are run on normal days. Not only this, pending applications will be resolved on priority.

Efforts are being made to complete 100 to 200 learning licenses every day. A date will also be set for applications made on different dates, so that the applicants reach and work on the relevant date.

Process to create online driving license

  1. Go to the website and download the online application form.
  2. According to the instructions given, do the work of filling the form.
  3. Click submit button
  4. Upload all documents with the application form
  5. After submission, a number of a web application will be found, which is later used to track the application status.
  6. After the application is complete, a confirmation message will be received on the registered mobile number.

Additional police personnel will be required: 

The crowd will increase considerably when the work of making a license is started. For this additional police personnel will be needed. The number of people who reach for inquiries from getting license work will be more.

The challenge will be to follow social distancing in the District Transport Office. Officers and employees are making strategies to control the crowd. The number of counters for learning licenses will be increased to four.

Preparations are being made to handle pending applications on a priority basis. In order to control the crowd, preparations are being made to set a date for people who have applied on different dates.

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