What should you eat, based on your Zodiac Sign

Every Zodiac sign has specific personality traits. These traits also influence your food and drink habits. Right from the way you prefer a particular food to be prepared, to the quantity consumed and the frequency of consumption, most food habits are a product of your personality quirks.

Below is a list of the various food items and preparations that a person belonging to a particular zodiac sign should have. All of the choices are based on various specific characteristics that each zodiac sign is known to have. Let us know what you think about our list in the comments below.


Hot and Spicy is a hallmark of Aries. In keeping with the fire element, this sign loves to have food that has a kick to it. Aries also have a king-sized appetite. Most of your health problems are related to your food intake, and when sick, you should pay attention to your eating habits. Always remember to eat slowly and avoid alcoholic beverages. Also be sure to balance the hot and spicy food with foods with high water content like soups and herbal tea to help your stomach stay healthy.


Another zodiac sign with a huge appetite and loves to enjoy food. Not really picky about what you eat, the primary idea is  to have your food spark all their senses and not compromise on quality. Only a finely prepared meal can satisfy you. Dieting is a nightmare for you and you really enjoy cooking. Put your love for cooking to good use, try out new recipes and ideas. The biggest challenge you face is to control your intake of sweets, pasta and bread. Try to replace the love for sweets with fresh fruit which contains healthier sugars and also helps you feel full.


If your zodiac sign is Gemini, most of your meals will be characterized by good company and a variety of food. Creative individuals, people with this sign love to eat with family and friends and spend a good bit of time and energy on food. Be especially cautions of junk food in the quest to taste a variety of food and savor multiple cuisines. You can also include nuts and fruits in your meals to tackle the itchy fingers and overexcited taste-buds.


Cancers love homemade food, prepared from home recipe books. You hate sharing food and tend to overfill yourself. With your sensitive stomach, you can easily endanger your health on a regular basis. You are a delight to be around during meals considering your anecdotes on expensive and exquisitely prepared meals. Since comfort food is your go-to for most occasions, homemade mac and cheese or pasta, is a great option for you. Check out Gordon Ramsay’s tips on How To Cook The Perfect Pasta.


You love expensive food and want to enjoy your meal at a luxurious restaurant, where the who’s who of town gathers. When it comes to dinner at home however, you love a hearty meal with family. Even though you aren’t a wizard in the kitchen and not a fan of the culinary arts, you will take the effort to cook for your family and friends, to see them smile. You especially love it when all your efforts are acknowledged. You tend to consume more meat and fish and forget about your greens. Be sure to include vegetables in your diet.


Another Zodiac sign with a sensitive stomach, you need to watch what goes into your mouth as it can soon cause health issues. Your slow metabolism also compounds the need to consume healthy and nutrient rich food. Be sure to consume enough fiber and fruits to keep your stomach in top shape and be able to consistently enjoy your meals. Quinoa, one of the most recent super-foods is a good all-round option to have in your diet and is super easy and fast to cook and pairs with almost any other preparation.


Your idea of food is dessert. You love food that is prepared with great effort and focus on presentation. Your love for pretty things is seen in your eating habits as you want your food and the ambiance while you eat to be beautiful and well decorated. While plating is important to you, you also need the food to taste good to be truly able to enjoy it. Your love for chocolate is what legends are made of, however you need to go slow on the chocolate and sweets if you want to stay in shape.


This zodiac sign is a heavy eater with complex taste choices. Its not difficult for you to follow a strict diet plan and you sometimes also relish food that most people will back away from. Bitter food preparations and herbs are something you should try. Also be careful of overdoing it. Do not consume too much food or drinks all at once. Stay clear of junk food and alcohol.


Another zodiac sign that loves exotic and spicy food. You tend to consume large amounts of food on most days and overeat consistently. Recommended meal staples are lots of water and fresh food. Your love for spicy food and experimentation can spell disaster for your stomach. So make sure you consume enough water and other detoxifying foods. Don’t be afraid to try exotic cuisines, but keep your consumption under check.


You are hardworking and diligent, but also love to enjoy a good meal. Your love for tradition makes your daily meals a fixed routine and you like to stick to schedule. You’re not too adventurous with food and gravitate towards more organic and homemade meals. Spicy food is not your best friend, but you should step out of your comfort zone and give it a shot.


Intelligent and out-going, you a free-spirited human. You need to keep a check on junk food especially at parties and events. You do not mind sharing your food, and you especially love vegetables and other low-calorie meals. Make sure you consume sufficient amount of protein even if you are a vegetarian. Try tofu with your salads to help keep this balance. Lastly, keep your coffee intake under control to avoid addiction and other health concerns.


Extremely passionate individuals, Pisces love food. Food for you is more than just something to fill your tummy and keep you alive, you tend to get creative and appreciate food. Food is a for of expression to show your love and passion to the people you adore. The downside to your love for food and other culinary delights also flows over to your love for alcohol, which is a staple at most meals. Be wary of this passion as not only dulls your culinary experience, it also has severe negative impact on your health. Also make sure you detox regularly and keep yourself hydrated at all times.

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