Eating healthy on a budget

Eating healthy is essential but how do you do it if you are on a budget? With economic slow-downs, recessions, lay- offs and paying off debts putting a pressure on our income, managing your expenses has become more crucial. Here are some tips to help you:

  • Buy in bulk: Buying food grains, cereal and pulses in bulk always helps to cut the costs. Make sure that you store them in good air tight glass or BP-free plastic containers. They will last up to a year without any trace of getting infected.
  • Stock up whole foods: Eating healthy is easier when instead of stocking up on ready to eat, make-in-a-minute foods, you try stocking up on whole foods like grains, cereals, spices and other whole foods. They are healthier and cheaper.
  • Local farmers and grocers: Buying from local grocers and farmers make things cheaper and guess what, they are fresh as they come right from the farm into the market.
  • One place: Buying in one place helps you to save up energy, money and fuel rather than hopping from one store to another.
  • Grow your herbs and veggies: You can have a lovely green kitchen garden. It does not take much to grow your own veggies. The seeds and the shoots are available in the veggies.
  • Learn to cook: Rather than pulling up the food delivery guy right near your door every alternate day, don the chef’s hat. With umpteen apps and videos available for learning cooking online, eating healthy by cooking your own food is no more rocket science. Homemade sauces and dips can be stored in the refrigerator for later use.
  • Makes meal plans: Plan your weekly diet or your monthly meals before going grocery shopping. Make a list. You are more likely to stick to the list rather than picking up whatever appeals to your eyes. Favorite recipes should be stored and gone back to every now and then.
  • Read the cost and ingredients: Don’t get carried away by the lovely, tempting packaging. Learn to read the ingredients and know what is healthy for you. Reading the cost will help you mentally calculate and go back to your list.
  • Use food coupons: Food coupons and discounts, yearly membership cards go a long way in helping you cut the cost of food.

How do you eat healthy on a budget? Let us know in the comments below. Share your tips and tricks on staying healthy without breaking the bank. Do check out our playlist for the most intense workout ever.

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