Eliminate snoring, spine/back pain: Know how the sleeping positions affect your health


Everyone knows that sufficient sleep is very essential to keep the body healthy and active. Deprivation of sleep or difficulty in falling asleep may cause numerous health-related problems. Several studies show that due to lack of sleep,  people may have problems with blood pressure which can lead to many types of heart diseases. Not only this, lack of sleep can diminish the immune system and cause mental health problems.

According to health experts, the quality of sleep has been remarkably affected due to the adverse circumstances induced by COVID-19. Apart from this, the quality of sleep also depends on factors like lifestyle and diet. Not only an adequate amount of daily sleep but a correct sleeping position is also required for a healthy lifestyle. So, let us inform you that how and which sleeping positions affect your sleep quality.

Why is it essential to get sufficient sleep?

According to a study published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine (JEM), T-cells were found to be significantly more active in those who get good-quality sleep. The T-cells play an important role in reducing infections and boosting the immune response of the body. The studies show that people who get better sleep have a better immune response than those who don’t get enough sleep. In this critical time of the pandemic, it is important to strengthen immunity. Therefore, it is quite crucial to understand the importance of sleep.

Sleeping on the back

Sleeping on the back is one of the most common sleeping positions. This sleeping position keeps the structure of the body in a proper position due to which, the spine, joints and muscles get proper rest. However, people who have problems with back pain, sleep apnea and snoring may feel uncomfortable sleeping in this position. According to experts, this sleeping position is considered helpful in reducing knee and hip pain.

Sleeping on stomach

Several people prefer to sleep on their stomach, while some people may feel uncomfortable sleeping like this. However, health experts say that the problem of snoring can be controlled by sleeping on the stomach. Apart from this, people suffering from sleep apnea can also benefit from sleeping in this position. The comfort factor is very important while sleeping, any kind of uneasy position can lead to neck and back pain. People who suffer from back pain can benefit from sleeping on their stomach by placing a pillow on the lower part of the abdomen.

Sleeping in a curved position

Often, children and elder people can be seen sleeping in this position. Naturally, this type of position can be considered helpful in the case of lower back pain. Moreover, sleeping in this position can also be beneficial for pregnant women. However, one should sleep in this position only when he/she feels completely at ease. If one feels uncomfortable sleeping like this, the person must avoid this position otherwise, it can cause body pain and can become a factor in developing problems like shortness of breath.

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