Facing a time crunch? Learn how the most successful people manage time

Time is something that everyone today is hard pressed for. Whether it is sufficient time to complete work and other household chores and responsibilities or even to pursue one’s dreams. Time can be managed well with a few minor adjustments. If these are done consistently and regularly, 24 hours a day will be enough to complete all your tasks and will also allow you to have the required peace of mind and sound health.

Set goals

Set realistic goals. Once you define these goals, you know what you are looking forward to. Breaking them into mini-steps and reworking them to suit your schedule and workload will go a long way in making sure your tasks are well managed and you are doing justice to yourself and your responsibilities.


Planning if done well can save you from a lot of distress and give you more time to finish work. Planning helps you complete all the mini-steps in a systematic manner. Planning can be done in special planners, bullet journals, and online documents or apps.

Block time

Blocking time is a must. Once you do that, you have enough time for work, self- care and fun. Allocating specific hours to specific tasks like completing pending work, cleaning and household tasks and of course rest, have proven to be extremely effective in increasing efficiency and creating a perfect balance between your work and life.

Rise early

By rising early one is able to complete a host of tasks. Try to complete the ones that are difficult to and require brain power at the beginning of the day. Do the others later in the day.

Single tasks

When you block time and single task, work gets done faster and better. This is because you are able to focus on one task and complete it with determination and complete dedication.

With these simple and consistently done tasks, you can manage your schedule perfectly and also make the most of your day and be productive throughout.

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