George Floyd death causes mayhem as Protestors step up in retaliation

George Floyd

Just 4 days ago, on May 24th, 2020, America saw one of its most gruesome examples of police brutality. A 46-year old, George Floyd was killed on the street by a Minneapolis Police officer. The Officer knelt on Floyd’s neck for at least seven minutes, during which Floyd pleaded to be released as he complained of difficulty in breathing. The officer with the knee on Floyd’s neck happens to be Derek Chauvin. 

Onlookers videoed this incident and it has left America shell-shocked. Protestors have overlooked lockdown criteria and taken to the streets to demand #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd. 

Police Building set alight after inaction on part of authorities

After relentless attempts by the protestors to get their point across, there still happen to be investigations going on about the same. Protestors, who could not bear the delay in the face of conclusive video evidence doing the rounds on the internet, have taken matters in their own hands. 

Late this Thursday, protestors broke windows and overran fences to breach a police precinct in Minneapolis and set it ablaze. Offices stationed in the precinct retreated immediately as the confrontations from the protestors intensified. 

Some of the protestors even tossed fireworks and other incendiary items towards the offices. This was met with equal resistance from the offices as they also fired projectiles back. 

These protests have spread like wildfire all across America as other cities have also joined the current matter. Protests were seen in other American cities like New York, Denver, Phoenix, and Ohio. 

What will the outcome be?

It is hard to determine what would the outcome of this issue be, however, it is to be seen how the Trump government deals with such a sensitive racial matter.

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