Government guidelines on ACs, coolers, and fans with respect to the COVID-19 pandemic


With the lockdown in action, people these days are compelled to stay within the confines of their houses. This has led to a significant increase in the usage of ventilation devices. The government, therefore, has issued guidelines that address the concerns related to Air conditioning and ventilation to control the spread of coronavirus inside one’s house or workspaces and even healthcare facilities. 

As per the guidelines which are compiled by the Indian Society of Heating Refrigerating and Air Conditioner Engineers (ISHRAE), a temperature within the 24-30 degree centigrade range is ideal for ACs to operate at home. In humid climates, a temperature closer to 24°C would help in dehumidification and in drier climates; around 30°C should do the job, along with fans to increase movement. 

For those having evaporative coolers, the cooler must draw air from outside to ensure better ventilation. The cooler tanks must be kept clean and disinfected and the water should be drained and refilled regularly. 

Fans should be operated with windows kept open. If an exhaust fan is located nearby then it must be kept running to exhaust the air to achieve better ventilation across the house. 

These guidelines come after a thorough inspection of conducive conditions for the spread of Coronavirus. The study shows that high temperatures and high humidity greatly reduce the transmission of the virus. 

It has also been noticed that temperatures as low as 7-8 °C are optimal for the survival of the airborne virus. 

With these guidelines implemented, ventilation also ends up being another tool against the virus outbreak, keeping you and your family members safer and also comfortable

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