Green Tea – the new elixir of health

Indeed it has taken over the morning cuppa o’ tea. Welcome to the healthiest drink available today! Green tea! Available with a variety of herbs and flavors, it is indeed a treat for the body and mind. We swear by it and after reading about its powerful health benefits, you’ll be a fan too.

Full of anti-oxidants

Anti- oxidants are essential for the body in every possible way. From Alzheimer’s to Diabetes, anti- oxidants work for your body by neutralizing the free radicals present after consuming food. Green tea is full of them.

Keeps you alert

You are completely alert with green tea. Do away with coffee and its doses. Switch to the healthy lifestyle with green tea. It keeps you mindful of your present situation and helps you work well with your daily tasks. Make one in the afternoon and you will be fresh like newly bloomed rose. Mindfulness is a key building block to success. Being mindful of every action that you take or every word you use, helps avoid many sticky situations and issues at work or with your family

Calms and comforts the body

With herbs along with green tea bring t in L- theanine, an amino acid that reduces stress and relieves anxiety from the body. It also sends alpha rays which soothes the brain and helps the body sleep better. Lately, this amino acid has been used as a stress relieving supplement.

Builds immunity

Do away with your sniffles with green tea. Try it with basil and lemon. Make it twice a day, especially on rainy days and winter evenings and you can do well with green tea. All viruses from common cold, influenza and harmful bacteria in your mouth can be washed up with green tea.

Aids digestion

Anything green is good for your gut. It aids in digestion. With full stomachs and festive dinners this drink will help you improve your metabolism rate and keeps your internal food basket clean and happy. With the amount of fast food consumed by the average adult, this healthy drink helps your tummy stay in top shape and avoids gastric complications.

Fat burner

Increasing the metabolism rate, green tea helps burn those calories away. This is even more effective when coupled up with exercise. Matcha green tea works the best in this area.

Healthy heart

Once your immunity is strong, fat is burnt away and digestion is clear, a healthy pulse rate is the best gift that green tea can offer you.

There are so many miracles in this wonder tea. Why not drink it daily? Check out our series on other super-foods too. Let us know what you think about green tea in the comments section below.

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