Here’s What Drinking Beer Everyday Will do to Your Body


Beer is reportedly the most popular choice of beverage, drinking beer everyday is kind of a thing in city life these days, and it’s no lie that everyone likes cracking open a chilled bottle after a stressful day at work just to kick back and relax.

As it contains only 5-12% of alcohol, it is considerably less harmful than other alcoholic beverages. Studies conducted show that drinking beer often in controlled amounts can increase life span, reduce physical pain, and cut down the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. 

Even though drinking beer comes with its own health benefits, regular consumption of beer can also cause several health issues if you’re an everyday beer person!

You’d Grow a Beer Belly

It may have a significantly lower alcohol content, but it still has an abundant amount of calories. A single pint of beer contains nearly 150 calories. And as you increase the pint-size, the number of calories goes up as well.

Usually, a person never stops drinking beer after a single bottle, and it is often accompanied by another, and the calorie count boosts up. The kinds of calories present in alcoholic beverages are very different from the kind you gain from consuming food. 

These calories directly impact the middle section and you start to develop a beer belly. Once these calories are deposited in your body, they are very hard to lose. Beer bellies are very dangerous and can impact your health immensely. 

To avoid this, just get one pint of beer and stick to it for the rest of the evening. Also, opt for the kind of beer that may have fewer calories.

There’s a Risk of Developing Heart Diseases 

Yes, drinking beer is good for your heart, but not every day. Heavy consumption will affect the heart muscle, increase the risk of encountering a stroke, increase high blood pressure, increase the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes and also atrial fibrillation.

Those who drink beer heavily every week or everyday, that is two times a week, are reportedly at a higher risk of developing these health issues. There will also be sudden fluctuations seen in the blood pressure levels. 

Kidney Damage

The healthy amount of drinks for men and women is two and a single drink respectively. This is called moderate drinking. 

Beer with high alcohol content can put you at the risk of developing hypertension and kidney diseases. 

Beer is also a diuretic, and can heavily impact your kidneys. It can also cause dehydration and can disturb the electoral balance in the body. It can also damage your kidneys and lead to kidney stones and eventually failure. 

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